Who will get you into Trouble?

What do you call it when you fall for your best friend’s little sister?




I was perfectly happy with my life, tinkering around with cars and refurbishing old beauties. Until one day, a young beauty showed up with a more than tempting proposition. What could be better than working on my dream car with my dream woman?


Ten years of pent up lust spilled over in one weekend. 


But when my best friend found out his little sister Lyla had set her sights on me, there’d be trouble.

What do you call it when you screw up your relationship with the temptation of twins?




Willa and I dated in Cali Cross High and it was meant to be forever. One night of madness during senior year changed everything and we went our separate ways. When one of our closest friends was killed in a road accident, everything I thought I understood about life was questioned.


When Willa came back to town to support her best friend, everything I felt about her was still there.


Only she was afraid of giving in and allowing me a second chance. I was only afraid of giving up and losing out on her forever.

What do you call it when you fall for your physical therapist?




I was living the dream, riding bikes every day, and bedding a string of hot women every night. An accident on the track left me with a busted leg, and no option but to return to Cali Cross, the little town I’d happily left behind. Ending up back there was admitting defeat. I planned to fight it every step of the way.


Then I met my PT. She was full of fight too. Soon I’d forgotten about getting out of Cali because I wanted to get in trouble with Lo. 


She was an outsider, like me. She was just right. I was the right kind of wrong. And maybe, just maybe, we could make it work for both of us.

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