Kiss Me Ever After

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She has a lot of plans. None of them involved him. Until now.


Lennon Cole has it all mapped out, bright lights, New York and living the high life. Until a shady deal in her father's business world brings everything she knows down around her. With nothing left, Lennon ends up in the one place she doesn't want to be; at her grandparents' holiday home in Ealynn Sands.


Justin Navarro has it all sorted. The bad boy of Ealynn Sands, his reputation precedes him. If there's one thing he can't abide, it's tourists flying into his hometown and leaving again without a backwards glance. Like Lennon Cole. Sure, they've had moments... Near misses and almost kisses, but he could never be interested in a pampered princess like that.


Until the night he saves her life.


Now the tourist and the bad boy are seeing each other properly for the first time... but it's just a summer fling... isn't it?


Kiss Me Ever After is a standalone romance, where opposites attracting could just change your life forever.

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