Wish You Knew - out now!

Friends with benefits relationships can work. But what if one of you actually gets the feelings? Or worse, both of you?



Scott Lincoln isn’t boyfriend material. I know that all too well. There’s just one problem.

Like any bad habit, staying away from Scott is hard.

Falling into bed with him… well that part is easy.

We make it work for us. No commitments, just fun.

That is until someone else gets a little too close and tries to harm me.

When Scott saves me, I start to see that the bad boy rockstar may actually have a heart of gold.



Rosie Tatton is too good for me. I know that all too well. What started as a hot no-strings arrangement suddenly isn’t so straightforward anymore.

I’ve only ever managed to screw things up with her, but in spite of it all - I know we’re better together.

Now, I need her to see it too.

I guess it’s time to start being honest with myself and with her. If I make a mistake this time, I might just lose her for good.

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Stay away from bad boys - part 2!

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