Wish You Once More - coming 7th October 2020!

The more you love someone, the more you hurt them...



Mat Redmond chose his career over me. He broke my heart.

I vowed never to let him affect me again.

Until he shows up in the last place I expect him to.

Old memories and feelings come back to haunt me and I can’t push them away. When Mat abandons me a second time, I’m not sure I can forgive him again.



Bree Sheridan was my first love. And I broke her heart.

I hurt her with my choices and vowed never to do it again.

Except I did, and I regret every single moment.

But when my family needs me, I have to come back home to look after them. If I make another wrong choice this time, I’ll lose Bree forever.

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A best friend's sister small town romance

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